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Pulser pumps pump water. Its easy as 1 2 3. Lots of people cannot believe it is so easy.
No moving parts! Impossible!
Yet it isn't impossible and it does work!
However,  having one easy application is not going to make pulser pumps a part of everyday life.
There must be many more applications for this to happen.

Hence this page!

Pulser applications
Pulser pumps can power devices
                                              to make good quality building sand,
                                           to wash clothes, and rince and dry them!
                                           to aerate animal slurry,
                                         to provide partial vacuum,
                                             fountains and geysers
                                                    To produce fine mist for tropical planthouses
If you click on the links above you will find details and pictures of working  prototypes or basic plans for these devices.
Some of these devices are very basic and  small scale. Some are quite complicated.
I made them to test out concepts and ideas.
Hopefully some of you will build on my experiences. If you use any of the ideas for devices that are shown here,  please acknowledge it.
There are several companies making wind powered air pumps now.
(Inexpensive and they operate under a wide range of conditions)
Any of these devices can also be powered by these air pumps.