working with nature
                                          Modern technology can be depicted as a great engine,
Half angel  half devil, which crushes nature and earlier technology as it rushes forward.

This particular technological monster can be seen in the Landesmuseum fuer Technic and Arbeit in Mannheim, Germany and it is huge (train engine sized).

Gaia technology is gentler technology which does less harm to the planet (see Gaia theory).



A. pulser pump The simplest pump in the world!  the main site feature.  Pulser pumps can rejuvenate many low head hydro sites (often disused since the water wheel era). Reusing these sites using pulser pumps would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and oxygenate the rivers (nature friendly)
 The pulser pump is a combination  airlift pump and tromp, technologies which have been around hundreds of years.
        Pulser pumps are the low cost, low tech answer
  B.  Masonary       (including living walls!) How to make stone walls in the garden
                            and around your home

C.  Board games   Alternatives to chess and checkers. Easy to play but
                            thought provoking. Printable boards included and animated
                            instructions. Suggestions for inclusion are welcome.

D.  Frugal Page     Easy Techniques that can save your money! 

E.  Miscellaneous  Stories and ideas with an environmental theme; proposals,
                            gene technology, operation systems dictatorship.   Probably not
                            found elsewhere on the web.

                             Hydro heat  Engine   Answer to a newsgroup query 
                             8th July 00 Blurred Borders A Surprising but true Photo!

F.  Gaia theory

G.  Links and Web rings
                            Many links mostly of an environmental nature.
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