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These are a few links which you hopefully will find to be both of high quality and useful.
Free stuff.   There is lots of free software on the web. Here are 2 compact sites of good  quality stuff.
Henks free ware page Small quick programs.
I use his zip utility, and his disktective to free up space on my tiny hard drive.
The zip can zip whole folders and bring them back easily.
I very quickly found unexpected and unneeded help and temporary files with the disktective. It shows the true size of folders including hidden files and including the size of sub folders. Then it was simple to delete or zip. They are a joy to use.
Think there are only 3 operating systems? Windows, Apple OS, linux. Henk has a list and short description of other ones. It is surprisingly long (but interesting!).  It seems to me that windows is king only because it has a nice graphical interface and is easy to use and and and of course is ruthlessly promoted.
  This next site is worth it for the Evil Empire  comments alone. It contains a good virus killer
F PROT. Worked good for me!.
   Linux may well be the next great thing. Support is gathering behind it from the big hardware companies and sun corel and others in the software industry. It dosn't match microsoft software for ease of use just yet but development is incredibly fast. It still seems to be software for geeks but its advantages are so many that Microsoft's competitors and ally's! and enemies seem to have united behind it to push it to the top of the pile.
The best linux site for the layman  It describes developments in the software world. Try also the halloween documents. I find it fascinating.
SYMBIAN is developing a relatively new OS for cell phones, smart phones, etc., optimized for power consumption and has the backing of the likes of NOKIA, ERICSON and MOTOROLA. This is an area where microsoft are fighting for position with windows ce (which eats up batterys). SYMBIAN software is a joint effort with software developers from the backing companies also having a major input.

Mostly history and exploration  Interesting link Worth a look
Green Links
Small sites
          A family tries alternative energy!  I especially liked the solar cooker
Vertical axis wind powered devices (some air lift fountains too!)
Larger sites with lots of links
Provides green links
          Many nature friendly sites neatly shown
Steves Green links (including wind powered air lift pumps)
          Excellent site that goes deep. Slow to load. Worth the wait!
Big European alternative energy archive with a solar energy focus
          Excelent! Small scale hydro site from the Netherlands
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