Airlift tromp and slug flow reference papers
Please note that much of this material comes from photocopies and it may be affected by copyright.
I got the material from reference books in Gloucester and the national science museum library in London England years ago and I no longer remember the names or authors of the books.
For that reason, please do not copy this material.  Brian White  1st January 2001
The material on tromps was kindly supplied by Neal Collier and can be found at Tromp reference material
As time permits I will try to improve the resolution of these images. Sorry that my scratchings make some of the diagrams difficult to read. (They used log scales and I had to convert them)
Please do not take this material as gospel. The authors disagree on quite a few things. More research is needed.
Pulser pumps are low pressure airlift pumps and the best operating conditions for them seem to be a mixture of  slug and bubble flow. See the reference page on 2 phase flow for more about slug flow

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