Here is the coffee jar pump. The first diagram shows the part to make the suction. (And a valve setup to allow air to bleed into the device as fast as it is removed).In my first suction pumps I didnt have the valve and I just used a fine constriction (a pinhole) to allow the air to enter the suction section. Of course, a valve is much more efficient. Please note that the diagrams are not to scale. I have made a much larger version of this part too. With 3 inch diameter pipes for the water and going 6 ft high over the stream. I started that one using a bicycle pump with the plunger reversed to suck out the air and start the siphon running.

 And below is a diagram to show how the pumping modules work. Again scale is ignored.
There is only one stroke controller and it contains the syphon that regulates the length of pumping strokes.  Fill and empty strokes occur at the same time in all the modules.
I  mounted all the horisontal jars on "shelves" attached to a 6 ft 2 by 4 and I mounted the standing up jars on shelves on another 2 by4 with 1 ft intervals between shelves.  Raising one 2 by 4 in relation to the other got all the jars at the correct height in relation to each other.
Animated on the 13th of november. The animations are not perfect but hopefully they help. When the pipes are of clear plastic, the pump is very interesting indeed!

The device shown is just a toy. If you scale it up, I suggest you use an airlift pump opperated by suction instead of the second of the 2 animations.