Water buffalo in front of a  traditional waterwheel
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Please note. I Thought the wheel in the picture was water powered. It is actually buffalo powered. I apologize for the mistake.
http://geocities.com/wim_klunne/hydro/waterwheels.html  shows real water powered water lifting wheels in action.
Come back after visiting that link :)
Water buffalo in front of a water lifting wheel. Couldn't get the picture smaller and have good resolution.
I just think it is a superb piece of work in the background.
Cannot help thinking that a pulser pump would probably be easier though. I presume that they are pumping water to the bamboo pipe just over the buffalo's head. Notice that they are raising the water about 18 inches higher than they need to. Wish I could see how deep the ditch is and how fast the flow is! (Others say the flow and head are minimal)
If the posts are hollow, a pulser pump could be made with about 1 fifth of the material.
If the people knew about pulser pumps, they could make that choice.
Pity the poor water buffalo. 75% of them gone in just 6 years!
Brian White

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