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The pulser village is only a dream at the moment but if I give enough detail,
people may better see that it can be done. Here is a better view of the "well" that contains the pulser pump.
I show it in brick because that is easier to draw but in the dream village, it is made from local rock.
I will add more detail as time permits.

I do not include the water delivery pipe in this drawing for clarity.
Beside the pump there is a container connected to the bottom of the well. The reason for this container is to collect sediment from the bottom  of the pump. (Once a week or once a month perhaps). When you make a well pulser pump you need this pipe as a precaution.  (In the other types, sediment gets washed through with the exit water).
To collect the sediment, you simply shut off the pump exit pipe and the exit water flows up into the container and brings sediment with it. You can make it in different ways. For example, it can be joined into the pulser pump itself, to deliver the sediment directly to the crops above.
A Pulser pump can be made in many different ways. The reason that this one is a "well" is to use local material, to harvest sediment and to act as a water reservoir. In use, the "well" would have a strong cover of course.

Next is a cutaway view to show the simple design of the pump.

Note that this diagram is for clarity.
In this dream village the well is made of blocky rocks with no mortar and that a pulser pump can be made just with pipes and joiners and is probably easier that way. Click for a simpler pulser pump design that may suit other people
Brian White 31st December 00
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