The pulser pump is something new and different. It is a simple way to harness waterpower,   something that can be built by people with basic tools and little knowledge of engineering.
Please look at it with an open mind.
The principles  it is based on are not thought in general science classes
(compare it to the vacuum cleaner principle if you wish).
Then, if you do see the sense in it, report it!
Often a water power resource is undeveloped because of  problems with money.
Not enough to buy turbines and generators and electrical wire and motors and experts!
For many people, pulser pumps can the missing first step to  develop their resources.
People have thought it a hoax but it is true! You really can build a pump from a few pipes and tubes!
It is true that you can build a pump with no moving parts!
How does it work? Much the same as a vacuum cleaner sucks dust or a wet vac sucks water.
The pulser pump blows water up through a pipe just like that!
It pressurizes air using the same process working upside down.
It is really as simple as that!
The pulser pump is not a super efficient device but it is quite adequate for many uses. I outline a few possibility's  for improvements on the mmmmmm page efficiency does not count.
You are probably wondering why the scientists of the world are not investigating the pulser pump?
(I have known several who are interested).
The sad fact is that most science is done to attract funding   ( I have worked in in such a situation!)
and the pulser pump is not flashy enough to attract this money. 
Brian white