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              This page was put in to answer a query in a newsgroup. Generally, people convert hydropower to electricity because it is so versatile. Hydro heat might be an option too.
         It has been used in the past but I do not have any detail about the equipment used.
Here is a way to directly convert mechanical energy to heat. It works because friction  (as the pot turns about the stationary pipes)  cause the high viscosity liquid, pipes and pot to heat up.
Sorry for long sentences!
The water in the  pipes takes the heat away to the radiator. The value of this set-up is its simplicity.
Usually, fluids become less viscous as they heat up, therefore, if you choose the right fluid, you might be able to regulate the working temperature of the device. All sorts of baffles can  be attached to the pipes inside the pot to change the amount of turbulence and heat produced per revolution.
It can work by convection if powered by hydropower but if the process was powered by wind power, a small pump is needed to drive the warm liquid to the radiators.

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