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Pictures Index

These are the pictures from beautiful Tofino. Laurie brought me up there when I was low.
Didn't see any bears but saw lots of other stuff.

Near where we stayed, lookng towards stratacona park with snow capped mountains!

Beautiful chestermans beach. Including one of the fog starting to roll in.

Laurie in scenery to the south and scenery to the north.

Me and the sealife at Uculet harbour which is about 10 miles from Tofino. Huge starfish,and crabs and a sea cucumber that didn't come out (in the pic) It was beside the other starfish under the reflection.

Sea anomies and soft corals oa pile under the pier

The mountains in the centre before Port Alberni and eating bear berries between them.

Yummy!! Bearberrys in the hand and bush. They are also called salmonberrys. Like salmonspawn?

Goats on the roof! restaurant  on the way back. Had to feed the goat to get him to pose. (Bramble tips)
and again!

And thats it for the  Tofino trip! No Bears, thank god!