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Hi, there This is the latest and greatest pics from the life of Brian

First is a retaining castle that I built with my sidecick Cirus.  The guys overblasted the cliffy bit behind a new site and the neighbours garden post and probably garden too was ready to topple over it. The reindeer is going for a part in the lord of the rings.  This is the time frodo is up on the kings seat, ring on finger seeing all the bad happening in the land. The wall might be about 20 ft high.  Most of it was designed by me! The kings seat saved us bringing up a few hundredweight of rocks and provides a step to get from the scaffold to the place where the post is built back in.
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Cold day earlier in the year brought out the yetis (SORRY Susquatch)

Here is  the nice picket fence I made at the old house. Took the pic the day we moved.

Laurie cried and felt blue!
To feel better, she got a new hairdo!

 Here is the new place. Bad pic, I am afraid 
Laurie got a kiss and felt better! 
I joined in the harecraze!

We left the united colours of beniton behind. Apart from wiat. Far right.

We minded Ruble and ashdip for a while too! See Below

  So Dare it is. Da life of Brian!!
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