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Hi youghal, here is my pictures september 99 til christmas. I''m fed up messing up the attachments so I"m just putting them on the web and you can download them yourselves. In netscape, just go file, edit page and composer comes up and then go save and everything goes into the same folder. The first picture is of sooke potholes where me and laurie went. We had a fite because she thought that I risked my life too much getting the pics.  On the way back, some mountain bikers whissed past and I said,"they ar risking their life more than me". A bit further down, and we passed them , one limping and cut.Back at the car and an ambulance was ariving for the fallen one! Right again!
Laurie has just read this and got mad! Silly thing!

The next is of a marrage Austins parents Bryan and Jill, and JOJO the clown and his little sis jess at their halloween visit (jes saw a picture of me carrying her a few days ago and said "Brian" and kissed the picture!) and  brians bit of wall. I didn't do the pillar and not all of the wall.

The next is me king of the kids, leggo you devils! Jes is recovering from meesels spot the spotted one and spot the wet bot in another pic! The little boy's parents bought the wrong dipers, he leaked a lot.

Next is the christmas village

Next is a magnified bit of it to show my great stonework. The multicoloured stone on one completed house (that I built and roofed, the black roof with no snow) and one chimney stack is my work. WOW Brian You are good!