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A Future?    Without the pulser pump it is not so good

I imagine a small  very poor riverside village. The villagers live on a small hill 5 meters higher than the river. They must walk the 100 meters to the river (just above the small falls (1 meter high)) and back many times a day to get drinking water and water for their crops. One person carries about 250 liters of water per hour to the crops. It is really tiring work especially on a hot day (and that is when the plants need the water most). Nobody puts in more than 4 hours a day at that work. . They cannot live closer to the river because it occasionally floods.
The village has not changed much in years but the winds of change are blowing. People want the modern magical things but they have no money. It is not so bad for the old people. They have grown up with the situation and they have come to accept it.
The younger people are different.  They want the good life and they hear storys from the city of unimagined things! They are not waiting! When one then two and now half of them are gone, it drains the life from the village.  The older people still do the daily trudge down to the water, but their hearts are not in it anymore.  Our children are gone! Torn away and we could not keep them here! Soul destroying!  A few did return, but this was not a thing of joy.  Some were out of luck, couldn't find work,  a girl came home in shame to die with her family,  a guy came back to inlist people to work in a factory.  He stayed and prospered for a while by convincing  others to go away to work.  With fewer people the inevitable happened, the village  became smaller and weaker.
The  sedond drawing shows THAT future.  The pulse pump future is the better one,  I think.
Brian White


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