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                       Straight lines and curves
                                                                       started 11th August 00
Straight lines     You can use the largest rocks at the bottom. Try "Walking" or rolling rocks into place.
(Walking means lying it on a flat end and tilting one side forward, swinging it, landing, and then taking the same step with the other side, a series of steps is a walk.)
It is much safer than lifting the really big ones
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Making curves in stonework.
(You should use lathes and rocks to secure the posts just as in making a straight wall, except for very low walls)

Neat curves are difficult to do properly. You can use this method for near perfect results every time!
If you are building a double faced curved wall, of course you need 3 extra stakes and extra pipe to attach to it.
When you are finished one piece of the curve, move the stakes onto the next section, line your next piece of curve
up with part of the last curve and continue.


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