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                                          Columns and pillars

Columns add stature to a wall.   Depending on the situation, you can build the columns first or later.
It is important when making columns to search out corners before you start. Much easier to use ready-made corners than make them! It takes practice to make corners. In some cases you can be hours if the rock has the wrong fault lines! Also if your wall is going to join to the column, you do not need to use flat stones where they will be covered by the wall!  A good medium size for a column is about 18 inches square and for a wall to join it would be 14 inches wide.  I will improve my drawings if I get enough feedback.
I have just started to use a drawing program called the gimp (on linux) so I am learning it.
(The gimp is also available on windows but it is at a later stage on linux).
It is free and constantly in development and very powerful.
The illustrations will eventually benefit enormously from it.
Brian White 24th December 00Back to masonry page

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