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                      Java animation of a pulser pump 30 January 01
This is an incomplete animation of a pulser pump. I am getting there! On my computer, it is a fairly close approximation of what actually happens as the water goes down. I do not know how java works on different computers. Animated gifs seem to work quicker on a faster computer so I am not doing them anymore.
Imagine lots of bubbles going down at about that rate and you get the idea of the pump.
Perhaps I am wasting time doing these animations?  These ones are done like cartoons.
If you click on the image you can go to the homeppage of the java animation maker and download his beautiful animation
and then make your own.
I used  layers in The Gimp to make the animation. You make each layer on top of the last one (moving each piece a little in every layer). Save as an xcf file. Later, you open it, merge successive layers into the background, save as jpegs, and you are done.
The animation is 20 jpegs loaded one after another by the html page and the java class file. Actually easy enough to do.
The pulser aimation is quite hard because all the bits have to be exactly linked! A walking man would be much easier!
The good thing is that I can just upload new jpegs to put in more detail.
Brian White