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                          4 tribes are in the land

                         The chaos and turmoil of

                 war,  shifting alliances,  intrigue,

              betrayal,   capture and rescue

                as they struggle for supremacy

    Can you unite the 4 tribes under your rule?
        Play realm the game of 4     and find out
Realm       the game of 4
RULES    (4 players)
Realm is played on a checkers board with a set stackable checkers pieces. The type with crown on one side and pawn on the other. Usually, I have bought them in black and red. You paint 6 of the black pieces white and 6 of the reds are painted yellow.
These are your 4 tribes.
Set them up as shown in the diagram.
If  you play on the white squares of an ordinary checkers board, you must have a BLACK square  in the near right-hand corner of the board.
In this game, black starts first followed by red, yellow,white and again black (anticlockwise).
In this game pieces never leave the board.  Kings and pawns move just like in checkers. Kings can move and jump one square in any direction on the diagonal. Pawns can move and jump one square forward on the diagonal.
Jumping IS different. When you have an opportunity to jump, you must jump.  Piles of pieces build up over the game. When you jump a pile, you take the top piece with you and tuck it underneath your pile leaving the rest of the jumped pile intact.
This is the reason for much of the unpredictability!
You might uncover a king which will jump you on its next turn OR a pawn going in another direction.
Or a pawn or king of your own!
A good memory helps!
The turmoil is added to by having 4 players.
Feel free to form temporary alliances.
At times, a player does not have any pieces on top when their turn arrives.  In this case, their turn is skipped. If. later in the game, one of their pieces gets uncovered, their turns resume in the same sequence as before. It is possible to have all your pieces captured earlier in the game and still win!
You win when all the piles are of your colour.
Although the rules are simple, there is incredible complexity underneath. You need a mixture of political, social, and mathematical skills to excel at this game!
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copyright  Brian White July 2001