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Game 44 rules
Game 44 board
This is the game44 board set up with counters ready to start a game

Black goes up the board towards the black line on the edge, (counters  reaching the last row  becomeing kings) red goes left towards the red line) yellow goes down towards the yellow line and white goes right towards the whitish line. (This allows 4 people to play the game forwards from any side of a square table). The skull and crossbones squares are deadly to kings.
I hope to make the downloadable boards less ink hungry  in the near future. (I use the gimp under linux to print the boards).  The gimp allows you to quickly edit the size of a board on a print preview to fit the paper your printer uses. (I do not know if the windows version of gimp allows this but it probably does).
Reversable checkers or draughts counters are used (plain one side and king the other.
I have found the game works really well.  Hopefully you will too!
copyright Brian White          August 2001